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~Mystical Paradise~ is a club created on Anatheria (anatheria.com). Copyright Anatheria, EmberPhoenix (admin) and members.

    ACG October Round 1 (affiliated clubs only)


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    ACG October Round 1 (affiliated clubs only)

    Post  EmberPhoenix on Wed Oct 07, 2015 9:07 pm

    Ends at the end of October.

    Welcome to the very first round of the ACG (Affiliated Clubs' Giveaway)! Anatherians from ~Mystical Paradise~, Moonstricken, Pandemonium and Random Acts of Charity may participate.

    How to Enter:
    Very simple. You just have to post below! In a month's time I shall pick the winner using a random generator!

    Prizes: 50 000 to the winner and an item.

    -Be respectful
    -Don't spam
    -No begging
    -Have fun!

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