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~Mystical Paradise~

~Mystical Paradise~ is a club created on Anatheria (anatheria.com). Copyright Anatheria, EmberPhoenix (admin) and members.

    The Laws of ~Mystical Paradise~


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    The Laws of ~Mystical Paradise~

    Post  EmberPhoenix on Mon Oct 05, 2015 12:43 pm

    The Laws of ~Mystical Paradise~ (Last updated 5th October 2015)

    You must follow and not break these laws or you shall be frozen, or furthermore, suspended from the entire club.

    -Be Respectful. (Penalty: 2 warnings and after account frozen)
    -No Spamming. Answer with an appropriate reply or don't at all. (Penalty: 3 warnings and then account frozen)
    -No begging. (Penalty: 2 warnings and afterwards account frozen)
    -Don't use chat-speak (4 (for), 2 (to), plz, gimme) or/and hot-speak (h@t $pęâk). (Penalty: Chat-Speak= 3 warnings and then frozen account. Hot-speak=1 warning and then frozen account.)
    -No harassing other users/members. (Penalty: Frozen Straightaway and Crystals taken away)
    -Don't post inappropriate images/content (including private body parts and offensive religious/political). (Penalty: Account Suspension, banned from club and all Crystals taken away)
    -Don't claim someone else's content as yours. Ever. (Penalty: Account Suspension, banned from club and Crystals taken away.)

    These rules apply to the club boards in Anatheria, the forums here and the chat box. Excuses such as 'I forgot to read the rules' is not acceptable.

    These Laws are subjected to change and you shall be notified. If you notice any user breaking these rules, please and only contact EmberPhoenix and she will deal with the problem.

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