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~Mystical Paradise~ is a club created on Anatheria (anatheria.com). Copyright Anatheria, EmberPhoenix (admin) and members.

    Crystals (How to Earn Them)


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    Crystals (How to Earn Them)

    Post  EmberPhoenix on Wed Oct 07, 2015 7:41 am

    Crystals are used as a currency in ~Mystical Paradise~ to purchase or trade for items.

    You may earn them by-

    Donating via Anatheria-
    2000 anthars-1 Crystal

    Posting in the forums here-
    1 Post-1 Crystal
    1 Topic-2 Crystals (except for 'Competitions' and 'Contests & Giveaways'-3 Crystals)

    Getting rewarded for specific reason/s-
    -Being Active
    -Making large contributions to the club
    -Member of the Month

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